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Yes, you read it right.
What you believe about yourself is untrue.

Your inhibiting beliefs and all those negative things you think about yourself are inaccurate. They are also toxic to your relationships, your health and your potential.Your limiting beliefs prevent growth, deep satisfaction and the freedom to be you. Your beliefs have developed over time through your essential relationships, life experiences, culture and society to name a few things. The expectations of others have also influenced your beliefs about yourself.

Your inhibiting thoughts lead you to present yourself in a particular way, which creates the stories of your life.  Some stories might include: “Nothing ever works out for me,” “No matter how hard I try, I will never be good enough,” “People will hurt me,” or “No one recognizes all the good things I’m doing.” These stories are powerful and they shape the way you navigate the world and the life you live.

If you want to change your life circumstances or level of satisfaction, start by changing your thoughts and tuning into your true self. The real version of you is connected to deep wisdom and strength.

The real version of you shines with compassion and generosity.

The real version of you is connected to something bigger.

The real version of you is a bold dreamer, a divine explorer on this wild path of life.

Be daring and connect with your true self today.

Shift your thoughts and attitude now. Commit to an attitude of celebration!

Your brain is hardwired to look for danger and what’s negative. It’s tied to your survival.

With this focus, you miss out on many, many opportunities to celebrate what’s going well. You miss out on the small successes that deserve recognition and reinforce the truth of who of who you really are.

A Story

My super creative and smart friend recently started a production company and pitched her film ideas to an investor. She told me the meeting went well and immediately focused on what she wished she did better.

This to me was a time for celebration. Why? She got the next meeting. The investors wanted to hear more about her business approach and they loved her film ideas.

The outcome was something to celebrate!

There will always be things we can improve so avoid missing out on the celebration. I invite you to find at least one thing each day about yourself or your circumstances to celebrate.

And when you celebrate, feel the joy in every cell of your body.

Love Yourself, Love Your Body

There are many ways to re-pattern your beliefs and to let go of negative thoughts and emotions. Consider falling in love with yourself. Begin by deeply loving your body. Smile at your body. Thank it. Acknowledge all of its amazing systems and organs. Make time to meditate on the beauty of your body.

The more love you bring in, the more negative emotions you push out. There is only one beautiful being in this world like you. There is no one else who can do what you do in the way that you do it. When you fall in love with yourself, you can share your gifts with confidence, care, generosity and love. You can celebrate the beauty of who you truly are!

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