Elevate Through Freedom

Coaching and Retreats Integrating the Spirit of Horses

Ever imagined life being completely free?

Hi! I’m Liza Auciello, a licensed clinical psychologist and I specialize in personal development coaching and retreats for individuals, professionals and teams.

My methodology includes the mirroring effect of horses. Whether we connect virtually or at the ranch, the goal is to assist you in your growth and to create the change you want in your life, career and business.

My approach to growth is holistic. I blend over 20 years of leadership experience with my skills as a clinical health psychologist.

To accelerate your growth and healing, I combine my understanding of human behavior and the mind-body-soul connection with movement, energy and reflective methods.

Why Horses?

Horses are the best teachers. They are straightforward and fair. Their communication is clear. They don’t judge, blame or hold grudges. Their boundaries are well-defined and respectful.

A Holistic Approach


Move through life with grace and confidence.  Embrace your ultimate vision of yourself, leading and inspiring others along the way.


Relinquish patterns that no longer serve you. Create new attitudes, feelings and ways of thinking of yourself and your future.


Love of self deepens love of others. Transform your relationship with love and see all aspects of your life positively change.


Live your soul’s purpose. Connect with your passion. Make sound decisions that help you realize your goals with trust and courage.


Services are provided virtually worldwide or in-person at a private ranch in Agoura Hills, California.

For You
Engage in individual sessions to reconnect with your true self, create your freedom plan and live the life you want.
Your Career
Transcend typical leadership by expanding your views and enhancing essential skills through professional coaching.
Your Big Change
Gift yourself a one-on-one nature-based weekend getaway to transform your emotions and thinking quickly.
Your Company
Realize the freedom in your team with community building and leadership retreats at the ranch.
Your COVID-19 Stress Response
Enhance your ability to manage your experience of stress using meditation, relaxation and energy practices.
Your Inner Guidance
Learn what would benefit you to focus on today for personal growth.


Liza helped me to understand my strengths, potential and areas of professional growth. I improved my communication and confidence. As a result, I was also able to take more risks in my career and gain more satisfaction.

Cindy MaciasDivision Chief, Bienvenidos Foster Care and Adoptions

Liza brings real life non-profit leadership experience to her coaching sessions that helps link leadership concepts to everyday practice in tangible and manageable steps.

Amy Ley SanchezChief Clinical Officer, Hillsides

Liza has a true gift of helping people find and pull from their inner strength. She coached me through one of the most difficult and transformational points of my life, by teaching me to look inward, while challenging my beliefs, and empowering me to use my voice decisively. Liza has a way of meshing compassion, candor and accountability that makes working with her both challenging and fun.

Noah WarrenDirector of Business Development, Roots Through Recovery

"I believe that when people are living the life they want, a free life, their capacity to spread love and joy increases; their ability to positively influence their families, communities and work culture grows."

Dr. Liza Auciello
CEO & Founder of My Best Self Coach

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