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    Dr. Liza Auciello

    Los Angeles, California



    My personal and professional life has been enhanced in several ways. I am more confident in my role. I set and maintain professional boundaries by being grounded and level in my thinking. I feel more at peace and I do not allow outside pressures take control of me. I set the tone for my day. I tap into my faith and colleagues for support as needed, and I am not afraid to confront issues and situations that at one time I avoided. When overwhelmed or confused in any setting, I know how to go within to center myself, gain perspective, and make sound decisions that will get me back on track and navigating my role with ease.

    April McClellan, LMFTProgram Supervisor for Mental Health

    Liza is such an amazingly insightful being. Her light of positivity, knowledge, support and genuine kindness is incomparable. I participated in Liza’s coaching course with the anticipation of learning tools which I would be able to utilize in becoming a more confident leader within my agency. What I received from this experience was so much more. I found myself applying what I learned from Liza not only in my work environment but in my personal life as well. She has motivated me, empowered me and guided me to be the best me that I can be in the varied facets of my life.

    Cynthia JimenezRegional Office Supervisor

    Establishing a balance between managing the many priorities and initiatives, while simultaneously building leadership capacity, can be a daunting task for the emerging leader. Liza is a great guide for those new leaders as they embark on this journey of self-development.

    Amy Ley SanchezChief Clinical Officer

    Liza is an amazing individual to work with! Her professionalism, mentorship, strategies, and support helped to transform me in into a more confident and effective leader.

    Christine GonzalezDirector of Program Services, LMFT