Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage.
- Anais Nin

What to Expect


Expect to lead your life, your career or your business with deep satisfaction. You will be empowered to breakthrough your protective armor that inhibits your natural expression, to connect with a more accurate version of yourself and to set your own expectations for your life and business. You will match your energy, thoughts and emotions with your goals so you can be the leader and person you want to be; living the life you want.

Key Components of All Services

Wake up to Yourself

Uncover your habitual patterns of thought, behavior and communication that help or hinder your success.

Align Intention and Action

Gain clarity on what you truly want and reach goals.

Sustain Transformation

Build a body, mind, or team that support the changes you make.

Experience Deep Satisfaction

Enjoy the freedom of natural expression.

Success Amplifiers

Emotional Expansion

Use your thoughts and emotions in a way that promotes positive growth, healthy relationships and personal success.

Connection Communication

Get your point across clearly and directly, while ensuring others feel heard.

Relaxation Management

What you focus on expands so pay attention to relaxation management instead of stress, and train your body and mind to be calm at will.

How the spirit of horses is integrated into my work

In the spirit of horses there exists freedom, balance, sensitivity, curiosity, playfulness, clarity, vision, focus, direction, nurturance, fairness, calm, strength, tenderness and action for the greater good.

Horses enabled me to understand more deeply the finer details that live in each of these characteristics. This understanding enables me to see your barriers quickly, to guide your growth, and to help you fine-tune your actions and responses so you can achieve the outcomes you want.

How services are delivered

Virtual services range from one-time sessions to enhance your current self-development program to weekly sessions focused on personal or leadership growth. Session length varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Equine facilitated coaching and retreats are held at a private ranch in Agoura Hills, California. Individual coaching sessions are 90 minutes. Leadership and team building retreats can be 1 to 3 full days.

Intensive, one-on-one, nature-based weekend getaways are held in the Malibu Canyon area. They run from midday on Friday through midday on Sunday.

Per request, coaching services can be arranged at your company’s location in the greater Los Angeles area. Half to full day services are provided. All services can be customized to meet your needs.

Types of Services

For You

Personal coaching is designed to empower you to experience the unlimited potential, exhilaration and deep satisfaction that comes with freedom.


Your Company

Learn from the herd while having fun! Ranch retreats will enhance leadership skills that positively influence communication, collaboration, emotional agility and bottom line results.

Your Career

Professional coaching is intended to strengthen your experience of trust, enthusiasm and fulfillment in professional relationships. It is designed to help you successfully navigate all types of situations with calm and ease.

Your Whole Being

Whole Being Services are designed to make your personal growth experience holistic. Expand your energy awareness, your intuition and your ability to quiet your mind, focus, relax and release stored emotions.

Your Big Change

Experiencing a major life event? Get your body, mind and spirit in the right frame to move forward with integrity, grace and success by engaging in a nature-based weekend getaway.

Your Inner Guidance

Guidance cards are a simple way for you to tune into what would help you most today for personal growth, a particular situation or a relationship. Pick a card now.