For You

You find freedom inside, nowhere else. In the heart of every being is that one space which is free, which is filled with Peace, and which is full of Love.
- Prem Rewat

Free your life

Bring your best self forward in all aspects of your life, especially in situations that are currently challenging for you. Through personal coaching, build essential qualities that deepen the connection to your real self, and eliminate your inaccurate and inhibiting beliefs. These qualities will become the new foundation for your life. You’ll fine-tune your relationship with your emotions and thoughts, your habitual patterns, and your self-expression so you can achieve exactly what you want and experience personal freedom.

The Process

Look Below the Surface

Uncover the core reasons you think, behave and communicate as you do.

Shift Your Patterns Toward Success

Create and implement your freedom plan.

Sustain Transformation

Build a body and mind that supports positive change.


Liza opened up new channels of understanding within me, which no other meditation, nor medication, therapy or prayer was able to do previously. She challenged me to seek my own answers by asking poignant questions and once I answered them, challenged me to dig deeper than that. I wish the world healing and the only way we will succeed is by working through our pain, not avoiding it. Liza is willing to not only walk through that pain with you but to be a trusted confidant and friend along the way, opening up new passages and allowing light to enter. I can’t sing her praises loud enough. Anyone should challenge themselves to work with her, actually do the work and be so lucky for the opportunity.

Emily Lewis, Life Insurance Advisor, Living With Em

Personal coaching is facilitated virtually or in-person at a private ranch in Agoura Hills, California.

Personal Coaching is flexible. Depending on the level and quality of change you’d like to make, coaching can span 13 weeks to one year of weekly sessions. Session length varies from 1 to 2 hours. Together, we can determine the best timeline for you. Fees are determined by session and program length.

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