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"Ask me to show you poetry in motion, and I will show you a horse."
-Author Unknown


Liza has had an incredible career as a licensed psychologist, coach and leader in the non-profit sector. For 20 years she shared her time with two Los Angeles-based non-profits, Children’s Institute and A Thousand Joys, starting as a staff psychologist and moving to positions as a director, vice president and CEO.

In all of her roles, her favorite activity was coaching others and integrating mindfulness, movement and reflective methods to create holistic growth and healing that can be sustained.

As a teen and young adulthood, she and her horse, Blazer, showed competitively and had the pleasure of riding in drag hunts (one of her favorite horse activities to this day). She then pursued her education and career for many years. She earned her doctorate in psychology, became a certified mindfulness instructor, studied Qigong, Yoga, Reiki and many paths of meditation.

When Liza reconnected with horses in 2017, her focus shifted from the mental health world to the equestrian community. She rescued a 6 month old horse named, Tara and immersed herself in the natural horsemanship world. Liza immediately understood the connection between horses and leadership, and began coaching and co-facilitating leadership and team building retreats with horses.

Wanting to immerse herself more deeply into the horse world, Liza teaches horse people to use mindfulness to deepen the bond they have with their horses and to improve their performance in any of the equestrian sports.

"I lead my life, my business and my horses with great joy and satisfaction. I am forever transforming and growing. All the different parts of my life influence my work as a coach, and a retreat designer and facilitator.”

 Liza Auciello, Founder of My Best-Self Coach

About The Ranch

In person coaching and corporate retreats are held at a private ranch located in the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains in Agoura Hills, California.

The primary retreat and coaching team includes:

  • Liza Auciello, Retreat Designer and Facilitator
  • Kiki Ebsen, Retreat Facilitator and Equine Specialist
  • Annalise Robbins, Equine and People Assistant

"I’ve loved horses all my life.
As a teen, my horse Blazer and I used to gallop across fields and jump over 4 foot fences. The feeling of freedom was exhilarating! It’s a feeling I remember deeply in my body and mind. The spirit of horses has positively changed my life many times over, and I know the nature of the horse can help you too!"